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tside the state. ?Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker won the state's gubernatorial recall election Tuesday. ?With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Walker captured 53% of the vote,


ng in to Canadian airspace is low. "The Canadian Meteorological Centre considers that there is a low probability of risk as satellite imagery does not support ash presence in high .


past week over the government spending measure as the two parties could not agree on funding for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). FEMA's emergency relief fund, which pr.


shady "immigration consultants." To qualify for residency, they must spend three out of four years in Canada. Officials claim people living in foreign countries like to have dual .


President Nicolas Maduro and Panamanian President-elect Juan Carlos Varela have pledged to waste no time in normalizing relations and relaunching diplomatic, economic and trade t.

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ity to the Afghan forces in 2014. Earlier, the candidates began the evening commenting on Patriot Act, the post 9/11 antiterrorist law that some say restricts and infringes on lib.

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purpose. The Obama administration, avoiding from sending war threat to Tehran, has been trying the so called dual-track, namely engagement and sanction, to bring the internationa.

requires security arrangements that can withstand the test of time and challenges. He invited Abbas to work with him to "change the future." Canadian leaders of major parties att.

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