omy seriously. Ryan McConaghy, deputy director of the economic program at Third Way, said critics who label Obama as "anti-business" are unfair, as the president inherited an econ.

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project to promote energy efficiency in the French housing. By improving the insulation of the buildings involved as well as renovating their heat generation, ventilation and di.

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) -- More than 100 flights have been canceled in the last 24 hours in Argentina due to a towering plume of ash blown into the country from the erupting Puyehue volcano in neighbo.

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y. Joined by officials including U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood as well as labor union and business leaders at the White House, Obama said the failure of not passing an .

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ve to do is to promote a larger democracy in our society, beginning from our own party," said Castro at closing of the CCP's first national conference. Castro, as the first secret.

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in American Studies and by the Latin American Social Sciences Institute, the number of gun-related deaths in Brazil grew 346.5 percent in the last three decades, up from 8,710 to .

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dred meters underground with no intention of retrieving it in the future. "We evaluated each of these options in terms of safety, security, technical obstacles, public acceptance,.

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eadership will be areas of focus for me and my team as we go forward," he added. OTTAWA, July 28 (Xinhua) -- Nycole Turmel, a newly-elected New Democratic Party (NDP) Member of Par.

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a) -- Brazilian federal prosecutors Wednesday charged oil tycoon Eike Batista with misleading investors, conspiracy and misrepresentation. Seven of his former executives at his oi.

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